Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top Twenty Reasons For Having a Home Birth

#1. Home birth is beautiful...

Women who choose home birth make up less than 1% in the United States. This is not the case in the rest of the world.

This coming year, 2010, insurance companies in the UK will be required to offer coverage to women no matter where they birth - including home.

There is a common misconception amongst American's that home birth is unsafe. In recent years, more outspoken Obstetricians have begun admitting home birth is just as safe for low risk women as hospital birth. And perhaps safer.

Yes, more and more people are realizing that home birth is just as safe, if not more safe than the conventional hospital setting when taken into account the rising rate of unnecessary interventions (such as our cesarean section rate of 30% - over 15% is considered doing more harm than good).

This is a list of the top twenty reasons why choosing home birth is a good idea for low-risk women (in no particular order).

1. Home birth is beautiful!

2. The germs in your home are safer than hospital germs and do not include sick people.

3. Your chances of having a cesarean section are reduced in HALF.

4. Price of a hospital birth= $14,000. Home birth=$1500

5. You can stay home; eat at home and sleep at home, before, during and after birth.

6. No strangers.

7. You can control the environment easily in your own home. Your own music, dim lights, candles, etc.

8. A home is a birthplace to cherish for a lifetime. There are memories created in each room where you labor, and especially the one where you deliver.

9. No disturbances or's quiet at home.

10. Your children can be present (your pets too!).

11. You don't have to ask where to go or what to do at a home birth.

12. No hospital gown. No ID bracelet. You can wear your own pjs. Or nothing at all!

13. You choose WHERE you want to birth - outside, birthtub, living room floor or bed.

14. You choose HOW you want to birth - on your hands and knees, on your side, squatting or laying down.

15. (this was a big one for me) Sleeping in your own bed the night you give birth with your baby by your side.

16. You can EAT! Ice chips don't count as food, i.e. protein shakes, yogurt, eggs and toast, whatever you want!

17. Cut the cord when you want to - you don't have to argue about letting the cord continue to pulsate. Just say the word ahead of time and that's that.

18. No IV, no internal monitoring.

19. No extra costs (like a heating pad for $50).

20. You will be left alone to labor in peace, with the strength and raw power of your body that you will learn to trust and admire, with as much or as little coaching as you want.

This list could go on and on. There are plenty of tiny, precious reasons why home birth is such an incredible experience.

You have the power - the choice, about how you want to bring your child into the world. Why not make beautiful memories? Why not do it your way? You don't have to wait until your second birth to have the kind of birth you want.

I say bring birth home. Whether that be home to your physical home, or home to your heart.

Take ownership of your birth, plan, and make the best informed decision for you.

Want to learn more about home birth? Visit my new site to learn more about your home birth options, preparation, what to expect during labor, delivery and more.

Best wishes on your journey!

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