Monday, December 14, 2009

Home Birth Advocates Take a Stand!

If you have been researching home birth on the internet, you may have come across a woman, a retired doctor, who calls herself, "The Skeptical Ob." She's got issues with home birth, and she's not afraid to tell anyone about it.

I recently took on Dr. Amy in an attempt to refute some of the fear-based claims she was making about home birth and home birth choosing women, in a blog post at MyBestBirth.

Within a week, 85 comments were made by home birth advocates and Amy - the conversation was intense with fact sharing, opinion hurling, defensiveness and a lot of clarity.

I highly suggest reading the article, which you can do so here.

The blog post got so much attention in fact, that part creator, Ricki Lake (director of the Business of Being Born and co-author of new book, My BestBirth), sent me a private email thanking and encouraging me forward on the movement to take a stand for home birth.

The amount of passion in the comments made by women in the community has made a lasting impression on me. I feel a deep kinship with the attitude and tone that was set during those days of battling our believe that home birth IS just as safe for low-risk women as birthing in a hospital.

Click to read the follow-up blog post, which highlights some great comments.

If you are interested in home birth, I, as well as my educated community of home birth advocates, encourage you to do your due diligence when selecting a qualified midwife to accompany you at home.

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